Performance Opportunities

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International Thespian Awards (Thespys)

The International Thespian Awards (formerly the National Individual Events Showcase) is an educational program that offers Thespian Festival delegates the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material and technical designs. Students who attend our conference can choose to just watch Thespy performances or, if you wish, you can participate and present in up to two categories.

The performance categories include: Monologue, Duet Acting, Group Acting, Solo Musical Theatre, Duet Musical Theatre, and Group Musical Theatre.

The technical categories include: Makeup Design, Costume Construction, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Makeup DesignScenic Design, Short Film, Sound Design, Stage Management, and Theatre Marketing.

Students who perform a Superior rating at our state conference will be invited to present their performance at the Thespys event at the International Thespian Festival in June. You do not need to be an inducted Thespian to participate at the state level, but if you advance and wish to perform at ITF, you will need to become an inducted Thespian member.

For more information about the Thespys, including rules for each category...

<--Thespys Program Guide, including event requirements and rules

<--Category Summary Guide

<--Community Standard and Copyright Compliance Form

Registration for the International Thespian Awards is included on the Student Registration Form.

Chapter Select One Act Competition

Each year several schools present one acts at the MN Thespian Conference. Participants receive feedback and one school is invited to perform at the International Thespian Festival Chapter Select Showcase in June. Thespian Troupes that wish to submit a one act for consideration as the MN Thespian Chapter Select One Act may do so using the following process. (Schools must have an active Thespian Troupe as of December 1st, 2021.)

Registration for Chapter Select is part of the School Registration Form.

Freestyle One Act Showcase

Freestyle Theatre is an opportunity for any Minnesota school to present a performance of thirty minutes or less from any genre (improv, one act, musical, etc.) The performance slot includes a ten minute setup, thirty minute performance, and five minute strike.

Applications will be prioritized in a first come, first served order (except as described in the Chapter Select Process). Participating schools will be charged a $25 performance fee.

Registration for Freestyle is part of the School Registration Form.

MN Thespian Originals (MTO) Playwriting Workshop

Registration for MTO is separate from the general registration process.

MTO: Minnesota Thespian Originals is modeled on the Playworks program offered at the International Thespian Festival and involves students from across the state in the creation of an original work. Students will submit original scripts and one script will be selected. The script will be work-shopped by a local, professional playwright and receive a staged reading at conference. In addition to submitting scripts, students can participate by auditioning at the conference for the staged reading.