Scholarships and Auditions

MN Thespians Scholarship Auditions

Seniors who attend the 2022 MN Thespian Conference are eligible to interview for one of several $1,000 scholarships.

Each school that participates in the MN Thespian Conference may recommend up to three students to participate in the scholarship interview. Those students are then invited to complete the scholarship application and interview with the scholarship panel at the conference. The application includes a basic resume and statement of educational purpose. The interview includes a presentation of performance or portfolio and questions from the panel (total of 10 minutes per applicant).

Scholarship participants must be Seniors with a GPA of 2.75 who are inducted Thespians as of January 1, 2022.

The deadline for recommending scholarship participants is December 8, 2021. The student recommendation must come from the troupe or theatre program director at the school and is included on the Student/Chaperone registration spreadsheet.

Unified College Auditions

Juniors or Seniors who attend the 2022 MN Thespian Conference are eligible to audition for colleges and universities. These auditions are introductory auditions which give you a first chance to get used to the college audition process as well as an opportunity to begin connecting with schools that offer performing arts degrees.

Registration for College Auditions is included on the Student/Chaperone Registration spreadsheet. This will get students’ names in the list of auditioning students and will allow us to contact students with further information.

Performance auditions consist of two contrasting or complimentary monologues or a song and monologue. The total audition may not exceed two minutes. If a student plans to sing, an accompanist will be provided and the student will need to bring sheet music.

On Monday of conference, students will present their auditions during the morning audition slots. After the audition, students will find out which schools are interested in talking with them further, at which point students can visit the college vendor tables during the afternoon. Students are free to visit with schools who have invited them to meet as well as those who have not.

Students must be Juniors or Seniors as of January 1, 2022.